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Wire Puller Running Kit 33 ft - Fiberglass Construction

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For running wire through attics, crawl spaces, walls, and suspended ceilings our Wire Puller Running Kit (33 ft - Fiberglass Construction) is the first tool both professional and diy installers use.

Why is it Great for installing cable?

  • Attachments include: 1 six-inch flexible wire rope connection that can be set to any angle, 1 brass hook end for pulling, 1 brass eye end for pulling, 1 magnetic end for fishing, 1 rounded brass end for pushing, & 10 39" fiberglass rods
  • Each rod connects with a threaded brass connection to the next which makes the length customizable from 3.3 feet all the way to 33 feet!
  • Includes a plastic storage case, with vinyl rubber end caps
  • Highly visible yellow color 3/16" diameter rods, with super strong 3/16" brass connectors

These non-conductive, high flexibility, fiberglass rods can be screwed together to form longer lengths for running wire through walls, attics, crawl spaces, sub-floors, and suspended ceilings. The running kit includes ten 39 in. fiberglass rods with threaded brass connectors. Including a high tensile strength 6 in. flexible wire rope connection that can be set to any angle, a brass hook end for pulling, a brass eye end for pulling, a magnetic end for fishing, and a rounded brass end for pushing.

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