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Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin Clear Casting and Coating - 64 Oz to 1.5 Gallon Kits

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  • Cures crystal clear and hard as a rock!

  • One to one mix ratio is foolproof and sets up nicely!

  • Cures rigid with great resistance to moisture and corrosive chemicals!

  • Use to coat tables and bars, encapsulate objects, cast figurines and jewelry, make resin paintings, and more!

  • This product can be used on Wood, plastics, fiberglass, metals, stones, pebbles, or foam

This multi-purpose epoxy resin clear casting and coating kit is a cycloaliphatic based epoxy system. Perfect for coating, casting, and sealing all applications. This product can be used on wood, plastics, fiberglass, metals, stones, pebbles, and foam. This can be used in industrial applications for coating wood and concrete or can be used as a craft epoxy for manufacturing jewelry. This epoxy is VERSATILE and very resilient. Easy to use at a 1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume. Best of all, this product cures rigid with a brilliant high gloss finish. Once cured this product can withstand acids, corrosion, moisture, salts, and impact shock. Your application will be fully protected and exhibit a clear brilliant glossy finish.

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