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UV Resistant Epoxy

How long will it take for the UV Resistant Epoxy to cure?

24 hours.

Can you mix inks, dyes or acrylic paint into the UV Resistant Epoxy? Or do you recommend specific colorants?

Yes you can. Try to stay under 5% in your mixture.

Is the UV Resistant Epoxy mixed by weight or volume?

Weight. The resin is 2-1 by weight. Resin weighs 2 pounds and hardener weighs 1 pound.

I used the UV Resistant Epoxy resin for a table. The thickness of the casting was 1-1/2 but I did 1 layers, after 40 min got hot, started to cure and crack. Any idea?

Yes. The resin became too hot. This resin needs to be set under 1/2". In some cases even lower. This resin is designed for small castings and coatings. When mixing, mix only 3 minutes and pour immediately onto your table. Do not let stand in mixing cup. The quicker you can pour to the table, the less heat it will create. Only mix enough to use at one time and try to stay under 1/2". Once cured, you can add another layer.

What about clean-up? What takes the UV Resistant Epoxy off your hands?

Use rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Finish with soap and water.

How many ounces in each bottle of the UV Resistant Epoxy?

The resin contains 32 ounces and the Hardener contains 16 ounces. The resin is a quart and the hardener is a pint. This kit is sold by weight at 3 pounds of net material.

can I use the UV Resistant Epoxy on plastic?

Yes. But rough up the plastic before applying.

Looking to repair/seal together two clean broken pieces of marble with a high gloss finish. Will the UV Resistant Epoxy work to seal the pieces together?


I need something to treat rock and wood that is submersed in water for years. Need a penetrating and clear shiny coat. Will the UV Resistant Epoxy work?

Yes, this product will work great.

I want to embed small objects in a tray. Are there any adhesives I shouldn't use to adhere objects to the substrate before pouring the UV Resistant Epoxy?

The only adhesive that may be an issue would be super glue. In some cases silicone glues can bleed into the resin and create blurry pieces. Make sure to wait 24 hours before using resin after you glue items.

Is the UV Resistant Epoxy best for creating game tokens? Would I pour the Epoxy in the silicone mold, place the inkjet print, and then pour in resin?

Yes, the UV Resistant Epoxy would work well for this application as long as the print will not be saturated by the liquid epoxy and the pours stay under a 1/2 thick.

Does the UV Resistant Epoxy have a strong smell?


Will your Marine Epoxy stick on top of the UV Resistant Epoxy?

Yes, however you may have to give the finished surface a light sand just to create a surface that will aid in adhesion and create better bonds for the new topcoat of resin.

I need to seal a photo in the bottom of a wood jewelry box. Does the UV Resistant Epoxy yellow at all? And how hard is the epoxy?

This product actually will slightly yellow over 12 months with daily full sun exposure. However compared to other non-UV epoxies, our UV Resistant Epoxy will vastly outperform the competition in terms of yellowing characteristics. It will cure rock hard too. The product is designed for coatings and very small castings. Make sure to coat your picture with Modge Podge or something like it before you resin. It keeps pictures from getting wet.

Will the UV Resistant Epoxy work on tile?

Yes. This will coat very nicely and display a shiny high gloss finish.

Can the UV Resistant Epoxy be poured into a silicone mold?

Yes, absolutely.

How big are the bottles of the UV Resistant Epoxy (pint, quart, etc)?

The resin is a quart and the hardener is a pint..

Is the UV Resistant Epoxy suitable for an outdoor tile table?

Yes. This will work great.

Can the UV Resistant Epoxy be used over acrylic paint on a canvas?

Yes, absolutely.

I would like to encapsulate LED lights that will be submerged in saltwater. Will the UV Resistant Epoxy work for this?

You can use our UV resistant Epoxy for this, absolutely. It will work great and the resin cures clear like glass. The only thing you need to make sure of, is that the Epoxy wont damage the LED's during the coating or casting process.

Multi-purpose Epoxy

How bad is the smell of the Multi-Purpose Epoxy?

The Multi-Purpose Epoxy is Zero VOC andit has no smell and can be used indoors.

Couldthe Multi-Purpose Epoxy be lightly thinned out with acetone?

Yes. However, make sure to use sparingly. Acetone can sometimes leave residue on the finished resin.

Can I combine the Multi-Purpose Epoxy with Dry Mortar for filling cracks in my concrete?

Yes you can

Will the Multi-Purpose Epoxyresin work in 4” thick molds for river tables? Or does it have to be poured in layers?

This must be poured in layers half inch to three quarter inch at a time

Will the Multi-Purpose Epoxy take metallic coloring? I would like to color it and cover a concrete floor with it

Yes, it can do that.

How long do you have to work with the Multi-Purpose Epoxy after mixing? Is it water based?

No, this is not a water based product. After mixing you have roughly 45 minutes of working time.

Can the Multi-Purpose Epoxy be used for a vertical wall?

Yes. Best painted on with a brush

Does the Multi-Purpose Epoxy have a metallic base in it?

This has no metallic materials in this product

Can I apply the Multi-Purpose Epoxy on a sticker?

Yes. Make sure to apply to sticker directly after mixing. This will dissipate the heat and bubbles

I need to cover 5x12' cedar floor on a small boat. Will the Multi-Purpose Epoxy self-level on this large area?

Yes, it will self-level, however for marine applications we always recommend our Marine Epoxy resin.

Can the Multi-Purpose Epoxy be used to harden rotten exterior wood?

Yes, it will work for that.

Is the Multi-Purpose Epoxy flammable?

Non-flammable and safe on foam

Can the Multi-Purpose Epoxybe used in, and will it hold up if submerged in a salt water hot tub on pebble finish?

Yes it will work great. Wait 7 days after cure before submerging in water.

Will the Multi-Purpose Epoxy work for paddle/surf board repair? Will it melt the foam?

Yes, it’s safe for foam. Does not contain harmful solvents or diluents. It will work excellent for you application. Another option to consider in our Marine Resin Epoxy

Will this work for penny covering a penny floor?

Yes, it will work excellently.

Is the Multi-Purpose Epoxyresin UV resistant? Will it work well for a boat deck?

This Epoxy works great on wood and fiberglass. However, it will yellow over time. You may also consider our UV resistant Epoxy.

Is the Multi-Purpose Epoxyresin blush free?

Yes, under normal circumstances. However high humidity may create issues..

Could I mix some pigment in the Multi-Purpose Epoxyand pour over concrete floors?

Yes, absolutely.

Is theMulti-Purpose Epoxy heat resistant once cured?

Yes. The epoxy is good all the way to 130 degrees Celsius or 266 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many square feet does the 64oz Multi-Purpose Epoxy kit cover?

50 Sq/Ft

Is the 64oz. Multi-Purpose Epoxy kit 32oz. of part A and 32oz. part B?

Correct, they are each 32oz. Together they are 64oz.

Will the Multi-Purpose Epoxy cure into a thick hard surface like the more expensive countertop epoxies? I want to use it to thicken an outdoor ping pong table surface.

Yes our Multi-Purpose Epoxy will cure to a fairly thick layer. Roughly 3 mils. It will cure rock hard.

How many ounces is the Muti-purpose kit?

64 ounces net weight.

What type of hardener can be added to the Multi-Purpose Epoxy?

Our Multi-Purpose Epoxy comes in two parts. Part A the epoxy and part B the hardener. You just combine the two together

How long does the Multi-Purpose Epoxy take to cure?

Depending on mass and temperature, The Multi-Purpose Epoxy should take 24-36 hours for full cure.

What is the shelf life of the Multi-Purpose Epoxy?

12 months

Is the Multi-Purpose Epoxytested on animals?


Would the Multi-Purpose Epoxy work with carbon fiber?

Yes. Shouldn’t be an issue

Is the Multi-Purpose EpoxyFDA approved?

No this resin is not.

I am wanting to cover plywood with a layer of fiberglass, then paint it. Can I use the Multi-Purpose Epoxyas I would Bondo fiberglass resin?

Yes, this product would work, however we recommend our Marine Resin for this application. Our Marine Resin is excellent for wood and fiberglass work.

How well does the Multi-Purpose Epoxyretain its clarity over time with UV exposure in the marine environment?

We recommend using our UV resistant epoxy for outdoor coatings. If you need marine grade epoxy, we recommend out Marine resin kits. The UV resistance is not nearly as good, but has incredible strength.

if I was going to buy a vacuum pump to get rid of the air bubbles in the Multi-Purpose Epoxy, how good of a pump would I need?

It will depend on what you’re casting but you should need around 29 inches of mercury to degas a mixture or mold

Is it ok to make dentures using the Multi-Purpose Epoxy?

We do not recommend using this for any application that will be permanent in someone's mouth..

Can mica pigments and acrylic paints (tube) be used as colorants in the Multi-Purpose Epoxy?

Yes, the resin can handle pigments, however they need to be less than 5% of the total mixture. We recommend using liquid epoxy pigment. We strongly recommend avoiding use of a polyester based gel coat as it will not stick to epoxy-based products.

Can the Multi-Purpose Epoxybe used on wood slabs?

Yes, it certainly can! This product works well in a wide range of wood applications.

Can the Multi-Purpose Epoxybe used outdoors with sun exposure?

This product can be used outdoors, and will perform well if located in a low sun or filtered sun environment such as a covered patio or car port. However, if exposed to sun regularly, the resin will yellow overtime. There are resin's out there that have UV resistant qualities, and if what you are working on will have lots of direct sun exposure, those would be a better choice. If you are making something that has 8hrs

of direct sun exposure, you should use a UV resistant resin.

Canthe Multi-Purpose Epoxy be used on glass?

Yes, our Multi-Purpose epoxy will work on glass. However, if the glass will be in an environment where the temperature will change a lot or change often, the epoxy might pull away from the glass surface if it expands or contracts during temperature fluctuations. If the glass will tend to stay in a temperature-controlled space, this epoxy will work well. Just be sure the surface of the glass is free of oils and contaminants before application to ensure the best adhesion. Just like with painting, when working with epoxy, surface prep is crucial.

What are the voc's and is there any smell when using the Multi-Purpose Epoxy? Can it be used indoors?

The Multi-Purpose Epoxy is Zero VOC. It has no smell and can be used indoors.

Can the Multi-Purpose Epoxybe used to adhere stone pebbles on walkways?

Yes, this resin can be used to adhere pebbles on a walkway.